Main Title:  Tyrone Thompsons / Sussex Spencers

This web page is a portal to the known ancestors of Mr. T. T. Spencer of Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  The information is presented via surname descendant lists, with links to indivudual family group sheets, and minimal source references; you can read about the details here.  I also have my genealogy in a professionally-designed online "TNG" database here.

One of the most rewarding aspects of doing family research is meeting people; it would give me great pleasure to communicate with you regarding questions about the website, the software created to run it, or if you think we may be related.

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collage of Spencer family pictures collage of Thompson family pictures
    Tracing the SPENCER family and their collaterals* arising in Horsham, Sussex in the Weald of southeast England in the 1600's and spreading to the surrounding counties of Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, and Hampshire and, over time, into the surrounds of London, Essex, and Middlesex, particularly the East side of London; some known to have emmigrated to Canada and Australia.
    'My' branch of the Horsham Spencer's lived in the village of Hartfield, Sussex (of Winnie-ther-Pooh fame) from the late 1600's, settling there until the currents of the Industrial Age drew them t'wards London.
    Tracing the THOMPSON family and their collaterals* arising in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, possibly arriving there in the 1700's from The Borders of Scotland.

*Collaterals  refer to branches of a family that diverge over time, incorporating other surnames though marriage.

background: Weald west of Hartfield, Sussex looking NNW across the River Medway from Upper Parrock farm toward Ashdown house