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This web site is created and maintained by Mr. T. T. Spencer; you can contact me at or at 38 - 3144 Sherman Road, Duncan, BC, Canada  V9L 4B4.
The site traces the ancestry of my parents, Henry Lee Spencer (1912-2000) of Plaistow, East Ham, London, England, and Kathleen Thompson (1912-2000) of Shaneragh, near Dromore, near Omagh, County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland
If you've done any family history research, you'll know how quickly you build up huge amounts of information; preserving and organzing it becomes a major headache.   To make access to this information more manageable, the data I've collected is viewed in family groups displayed rather like a set of electronically linked flash cards.   This method has the added benefit of being shareable over the Internet.
This web site serves up Family Group Sheets kept in a MySQL database using the php scripting language.   It was created to take advantage of the power of hypertext links:  you can navigate from a person forwards or backwards in time by clicking on their xname.  That's the whole point of using the web for family history:  researching family connections using links!
The pages were designed with - and printed from - Internet Explorer 8 with a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024, though they should be accessible using other combinations.
The main page navigation system was adapted from the CSS code presented at css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/vertical13.htm, created by Claire Campbell, see www.tanfa.co.uk
The database contains persons on my father's side descended from Joseph and Mary Spencer of Horsham, Sussex, England who lived in the 1600's.   His son, also named Joseph, moved to Hartfield, Sussex in the early 1700's where the family flourished as yeoman farmers; their descendants lived in this peaceful village (the home of Winnie-the-Pooh) until the mid 1800's, when they moved up to London.   Today their descendants are found all over the globe.
The database also contains the families of the Spencer spouses as far back as possible (Dudgin, Turner, Elliott, Leney, Hooker, Batchelor, Lashmer, Thayrs, Weekes, Robinson, Notley, Dobinson, Tuckwell).
On my mother's side are found the descendants of James Thompson of Collow, County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland born in the late 1700's, and the descendants of Andrew Fyffe of Archill, County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland also born in the late 1700's.
Why bother taking the time to research your family's history?   For me, the most important function is to preserve information before it is lost, for the children of coming generations.   This especially involves talking to the older living members of the family to record the oral traditions.
A second important function is to give a person a sense of their own personal history.   This becomes especially important for those who have been separated from the family by emmigration, war, family disagreements, or the like.
A third and equally important function of family history research is to become acquainted with other relatives, providing a chance for new friendships to flourish.

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