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This website traces the known ancestors of Mr. T. T. Spencer () of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada; be they rich or poor, important or insignificant, wise or simple - without 'em, we wouldn't be here!

The most familiar - and important -genealogical information is the family.  With this in mind, almost all the records on this site are Family Group Record Sheets.  The key to the usefulness of these sheets is the hyperlink - click on a person's name and it takes you to a related page.  Add this concept to a family group sheet, and you can easily navigate from one generation to another, and from one family to another.

This simple concept is so helpful for making sense of the masses of information that accumulate when doing family research, that this site has become my genealogical database.  You can read about the details here.

One of the most rewarding aspects of doing family research is meeting people; it would give me great pleasure to communicate with you regarding questions about the website, the software created to run it, or if you think we may be related.

'The Cenotaph' by John Constable
In memorium Henry Lee Spencer,
RTC, RAC, 1912 - 2000