Family History pages for the Plaistow Spencer family
genealogy of the Spencer's of Plaistow, London E13
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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 REPO3 Author's Collection Spencer Family 
2 REPO1 Electronic file - T. T. Spencef's computer Dobinson Family 
3 REPO2 Electronic files of Tim Spencer Spencer Family 
4 R1 Mr. T. T. Spencer Dobinson Family 
5 REPO1 Mr. T. T. Spencer (electronic) Thompson Family 
6 R1 Mr. T. T. Spencer (paper) Thompson Family 
7 REPO1 Publicly Accessible Web Pages Spencer Family 
8 REPO1 Publicly accessible web pages - BC Lenzmann Family 
9 REPO3 Publicly accessible web pages - MB Lenzmann Family 
10 REPO2 Publicly accessible web pages - SK Lenzmann Family