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genealogy of the Spencer's of Plaistow, London E13
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Matches 1 to 33 of 33 for Tree equals Dobinson Family

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F33
Clifford Jones Dobinson, Lilian   Dobinson Family 
2 F30
Barcham, William Charles Raven Dobinson, Florence Susannah 31 Jul 1920 St. Matthew's Church, Stepney, Middlesex  Dobinson Family 
3 F24
Candy, Charles WifeOfCharlesCandy, Florence Unknown  Dobinson Family 
4 F15
Candy, William Dobinson, Sarah Jane 4 May 1876 St. Anne's, Westminster  Dobinson Family 
5 F22
Candy, William Henry Robert Williams, Louisa Unknown  Dobinson Family 
6 F12
Dale, James Dobinson, Jessie 15 Jun 1870 St. Mary's Church, Plaistow, Essex  Dobinson Family 
7 F32
Dobinson, Alfred James Sadd, Caroline Maud 30 Oct 1915 St. Matthias Church, Poplar, London E13  Dobinson Family 
8 F1
Dobinson, Anthony Nibb, Dinah 6 Aug 1785 St. Paul's Church, Deptford, Kent  Dobinson Family 
9 F16
Dobinson, Anthony James Beland, Amelia Alice 27 Jun 1875 The Parish Church, Bethnal Green, Middlesex  Dobinson Family 
10 F3
Dobinson, George WifeOfGeorgeDobinson, Sussanah Bef 1814  Dobinson Family 
11 F4
Dobinson, James Sophia, Eliza Bef 1819  Dobinson Family 
12 F8
Dobinson, John Eager, Elizabeth Unknown  Dobinson Family 
13 F6
Dobinson, Richard Sawyer, Mary Jane Unknown  Dobinson Family 
14 F5
Dobinson, Richard Dobinson Crosby, Eliza Bef 1831  Dobinson Family 
15 F11
Dobinson, Thomas Crosby, Mary Ann Unknown  Dobinson Family 
16 F10
Dobinson, Thomas Hickson, Elizabeth 9 Aug 1852 The Parish Church, Clapham, Surrey  Dobinson Family 
17 F27
Dobinson, Thomas George Burke, Catherine 25 Dec 1904 St. Matthew's Church, Stepney, Middlesex  Dobinson Family 
18 F2
Dobinson, William WifeOfWilliamDobinson, Elizabeth Ann Bef 1825  Dobinson Family 
19 F7
Dobinson, William Tuckwell, Sarah 18 Nov 1844 St. George The Martyr Parish Church, Southwark  Dobinson Family 
20 F9
Dobinson, William Grinaway, Sarah 15 Jun 1852 The Parish Church, Clapham, Surrey  Dobinson Family 
21 F21
Dobinson, William Edward Begley, Jane Abt 1899 Portsea, Hampshire  Dobinson Family 
22 F14
Dobinson, William George Stimpson, Annie 11 Sep 1871 All Saints Church, Fulham, Middlesex  Dobinson Family 
23 F31
Donovan, John G Dobinson, Mabel Jun 1924 Limehouse, Stepney, Middlesex  Dobinson Family 
24 F25
Doran, Henry J Candy, May Abt 1915 Wandsworth, Surrey  Dobinson Family 
25 F17
Glow, Thomas William Notley, Martha Sarah Notley Abt 1898 West Ham, Essex  Dobinson Family 
26 F18
Notley, Albert Thomas Heeney, Kathleen Mary Abt 1910 West Ham, Essex  Dobinson Family 
27 F19
Notley, Alfred Edward Perrott, Mary Abt 1912 Woolwich, Kent  Dobinson Family 
28 F13
Notley, Thomas Henry Dobinson, Jessie 9 Oct 1877 Parish Church of West Ham, Essex  Dobinson Family 
29 F23
Richards, John Candy, Rosa Lilian Unknown  Dobinson Family 
30 F20
Spencer, Elliott Victor Notley, Jessie May 4 Jul 1908  Dobinson Family 
31 F28
Turner, Robert Edwin Dobinson, Elizabeth Hannah 11 Jul 1914 St. Matthew's Church, Stepney, Middlesex  Dobinson Family 
32 F26
Wren, Leslie Albert Candy, Jessie 15 Apr 1922 East Ham  Dobinson Family 
33 F29
Wright, Albert Edward Dobinson, Ada 1 Aug 1914 St. Matthew's Church, Stepney, Middlesex  Dobinson Family