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genealogy of the Spencer's of Plaistow, London E13
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Matches 1 to 43 of 43 for Tree equals Thompson Family

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F8
    Thompson Family 
2 F46
Abbott, W. J. Glenn Watson-Abbott, Gwen Suzanne   Thompson Family 
3 F42
Beach, Harry Knox, Essie Aft 1896  Thompson Family 
4 F25
Blair, Mervyn Thompson, Deborah Elizabeth   Thompson Family 
5 F38
Brown, Christopher McLean, Jean   Thompson Family 
6 F44
Brown, Samuel Knox Walsh, Mary   Thompson Family 
7 F43
Brown, William Knox, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1900 St. John's Church, Johnstone, County Renfrew, Scotland  Thompson Family 
8 F19
de Kaitazoff, George Thompson, Eileen Elizabeth   Thompson Family 
9 F7
Fyffe, Andrew SurnameUnknown, WifeOfAndrewFyffe Unknown  Thompson Family 
10 F6
Fyffe, John James White, Elizabeth Jane 8 Oct 1857  Thompson Family 
11 F17
Graham, Winfield Thompson, Martha Jane 19 Sep 1930  Thompson Family 
12 F30
Herd, William Thompson, Helen Eileen Abigail   Thompson Family 
13 F11
Huston, William Thompson, Mary 28 Nov 1877 Lower Langfield Parish Church, County Tyrone, Ireland  Thompson Family 
14 F23
Johnson, Bob Thompson, Kathleen Wilson   Thompson Family 
15 F41
Keyes, Thomas Knox, Isabella   Thompson Family 
16 F26
Knox, John Thompson, Jane 1874 Castlederg, County Tyrone, Ireland  Thompson Family 
17 F40
Knox, Samuel Holloway, Sarah Aft 1896  Thompson Family 
18 F15
McKenzie, Norman Thompson, Sandra Elizabeth   Thompson Family 
19 F39
McLean, James Hutchine, Florence   Thompson Family 
20 F36
McLean, Sam Lajeunesse, Lucy   Thompson Family 
21 F34
McLean, Thomas Knox, Jane Aft 1897 Scotland  Thompson Family 
22 F35
McLean, William Gagnon, Veronica   Thompson Family 
23 F22
Moffett, Sam Thompson, Rosaline Noel   Thompson Family 
24 F37
Montgomery, Everett McLean, Lucinda   Thompson Family 
25 F20
Robaina, Arnold Hector Thompson, Edith May   Thompson Family 
26 F1
Spencer, Henry Lee Thompson, Kathleen 3 Jun 1939  Thompson Family 
27 F13
Thompson, Albert Clarence Stevenson, Mary Elizabeth 1 Nov 1944 Urney Presbyterian Church, near Clady, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland  Thompson Family 
28 F18
Thompson, Andrew John Crowe, Margaret 7 Nov 1935  Thompson Family 
29 F16
Thompson, Edward John Raymond Menice, Jane   Thompson Family 
30 F5
Thompson, James Long, Jane Abt 1800  Thompson Family 
31 F12
Thompson, John Berkley, Martha 12 Jul 1898 Belfast, Northern Ireland  Thompson Family 
32 F28
Thompson, John Wilson Wilson, Irene L   Thompson Family 
33 F3
Thompson, Robert Murphy, Sarah Anne 25 Feb 1857 Lower Langfield Church, near Drumquin, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland  Thompson Family 
34 F29
Thompson, Robert Forbes, Isabella 26 Sep 1904 Registrar's Office, Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland  Thompson Family 
35 F14
Thompson, Robert Eric McKelvey, Pearl   Thompson Family 
36 F27
Thompson, Samuel Alexander Whitton, Isabella White 12 Dec 1901 Drumlegagh Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland  Thompson Family 
37 F24
Thompson, Thomas Edwyn Smith, Dorothy 12 Sep 1957  Thompson Family 
38 F4
Thompson, William Speer, Jane 1836  Thompson Family 
39 F2
Thompson, William Fyffe, Rebecca Ann 14 Dec 1893  Thompson Family 
40 F21
Thompson, William James Wilson, Kathleen 27 Apr 1938 Limavady, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland  Thompson Family 
41 F45
Watson, Ronal Stevenson Brown, Margaret Walsh   Thompson Family 
42 F47
Watson, Samuel Thompson, Esther Bef1867  Thompson Family 
43 F9
White, Matthew SurnameUnknown, WifeOfMatthewWhiteOfMagheralough Unknown  Thompson Family